Why do vouchers take so long to process?

LiveTribe is a small company, and vouchers are all manually redeemed. This means members may have to wait longer to receive their vouchers. 

The pay off is that LiveTribe is Australian owned and operated, allowing us to understand our members on every level. 


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    6-8 weeks to redeem a voucher, totally absurd i suggest you lift your game as this is not acceptable under any circumstances.

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    I agree I checked on my last Paypal redemption and it took less than 2 weeks - now I have to wait 6-8 weeks !!!!   when you can get an egift card in 3-15 days - not right !!!!!

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    Portia Walker

    totally agree with above statements, excuse of being a small company is ridiculous. It takes so long most people probably forget about it and don't follow up when its inevitably not received.

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