When will I receive my reward?

Below is the schedule for delivery of rewards

Reward Time from
date of

Eftpos 6 - 8 weeks
Paypal 6 - 8 weeks
iTunes 5 - 15 days
Giftpax 5 - 15 days
JB-Hi Fi 5 - 15 days
Woolworths 5- 15 days 5- 15 days
Flight Centre 5- 15 days
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    Joe Lihou

    Am on another site click for my reward as paypal and it is instantaneous no waiting time this site can learn and follow am still waiting for my paypal reward on this site when will this be paid

  • 0
    Ingrid Kokshoorn

    Am waiting for a $20 voucher since May 5th, still waiting. 


  • -1
    Michelle Teo

    Hi Joe, What other site are you using? 


    Thank you 

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